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The importance of privacy and security is right next to
your health, it is part of your well being, would you like
the ability to safeguard your home or be there as much
as you can for your loved ones? What if you HAVE TO
go on a trip?

Are you comfortable giving your key to your cleaning lady?
Or hide the key under the doormat for her risking having
the possibility have a stranger picking it up and intrude your

HomeFront® is the answer to your answer, utilize the
electronic technology, you can remote control you life with you iPhone.



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BACUP is a non-profit social service organization, I’m hired to redesigning their website, at the initial meeting with the director, who is also the final decision maker, I made a comment on I really liked his “new logo” in one of the photos, he said that was their original logo, he didn’t like the stick people in the logo so he changed it last year and that’s the current logo they’re using on the website, he asked if I can redesign their logo and what would the charge be, I told him I’ll think about it and I carried it on the back of my head for three days and e-mail the quote to him, and we just finalized redesigned logo this morning.

I’m keeping everything SIMPLE and easy to update–– both the logo and the website. Since their service is very needed, I’m branding them in a sense that they can expend nationwide when the opportunity arises without changing their website, also, I plan on giving them the ability to update their site without changing the design. My interest is creating new sites, if the client wishes, my team will take care of the maintenance, however it is much more efficient and economical for the clients to make simple changes when they need to.

In addition to sitemap, home and landing page,
I’m also attaching a snap shot of the current home
page for a quick before and after look.BACUP_sitemapBACKUP_homeBACKUP_about

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Basically I’m keepping everything SIMPLE.


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Along the line of some class discussion…

Clients could be clueless, aren’t we all with professions outside of our practices? A little sensitivity and respect goes a long way.

building a site using column and/or div structure

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